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August 5th to 6th, 2023 @ Bishan CC

Come together with 100+ particpants from around Singapore two days of in-person hacking.

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Registrations have been extended to 2nd August 2023 at 11.59pm.

What is CloudHacks?

CloudHacks 2023 is a student-led hackathon aiming to unite avid programmers from across the country and innovate all sorts of solutions to solve pertinent issues, global and local. It provides an opportunity for like-minded individuals to learn, innovate and network over the course of the day, through workshops and intensive hacking. The event will take place at Bishan CC's Multipurpose Hall, in partnership with PAYM and the Singaporean People's Association.

So what's happening?

CloudHacks' Day-Of agenda remains constantly dynamic, and is subject to changes until a week before the event. However, here is a rough outline of what you can expect on the day itself.

Here's a live Google Calendar link to our agenda.


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where people from all walks of life get together, form teams, build something new to solve a problem, or create something interesting and have fun doing it! Participants (aka hackers) will work in teams of up to 4 to create a website, game, app, or any tech-related product and bring their ideas to life. At the end of the hackathon, hackers will pitch their projects to compete for wonderful prizes.

What if I've never been to a hackathon before?

That's okay! Whether it's your first or tenth hackathon, you're welcome to join. Even if you're not familiar with programming, you don't have to be an expert to participate in a hackathon. You'll still be able to connect with other participants, attend workshops, listen to guest speakers, and learn about the world of tech!

Who can participate?

We welcome and encourage anyone between high school and university of any programming skill level to participate.

How do I register?

Registration is open! You can sign up here.

How much does it cost to attend?

Nothing! The event is free to join, and we'll provide catering, workspace, WiFi, and also swag!

How will we communicate during the event?

Annoucements before, during and after the event will be made on our Discord server. We will also be using Discord for communication during the event.

Do I have to stay at the venue the whole time?

Yes. For safety and management reasons, we require you to remain at the venue throughout the event. If you need to leave, please inform the organizers before you do.

What if I can't code?

Don’t let that restrain your interest for computing and love for innovation! We welcome students of all skill levels and backgrounds to join CloudHacks. Multiple beginner workshops will be held at the event, and you’ll also be able to work with mentors and other participants to develop your skills.

Why participate in CloudHacks?

By attending, you'll definitely be able to learn something new and connect with both veteran and budding programmers in the local community. You can also gain special insights into large tech companies as they host workshops and mentoring sessions throughout the event. Not to mention the prizes and the chance to spend half a day at Singapore’s Google HQ!

How many people can there be in a team?

You can work alone or in groups of up to 4 people.

I'm a business owner, can I support CloudHacks?

Yes! CloudHacks is a non-profit event, and we rely on sponsors to make our event possible. By sponsoring, you'll be inspiring and supporting the future innovators of technology. Contact us at

What can I make?

Anything you want! You can make a website, game, app, or any tech-related product. You can also make a project that uses hardware, such as a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide any hardware on-site, so you'll have to bring your own. Though we don't have a specific theme, we will have a few challenge tracks you can tackle.

How can I contact CloudHacks?

You can reach out to us at Alternatively, you can find us on our Discord server, or our Instagram.

What do I need to bring to CloudHacks?

Devices, chargers, essential needs, and whatever other accessories (e.g. hardware) you think you should have for your project. You should also bring a water bottle or anything else to make the most out of our hackathon. We will be releasing more details once registrations close.

More questions? Don't hesitate to drop us an email at or reach out on one of our social media accounts!

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